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     Over the past 70 years Kimball Livestock Exchange hosted a Tuesday sale that played a huge role in “putting Kimball on the map.”  Built in 1946, by Arlo Olson, and later joined by his brother Fred Olson, the sale barn has a rich history in helping buyers and sellers get the best bang for their buck. It has evolved from a time where many cattle were loaded out on train cars to the present where cattle can be purchased through the sale "online."   For the last 30 years, Wayne Tupper has operated the sale barn bringing technology into the equation with live viewing and bidding of the sales on the Cattle USA website. Before Tupper, Darold Mentzer, Jim Luckett, Orville Haines, Arlen Hoesing, Walter Strand, and Art Ernst owned the sale barn.  

     The desire to continue to operate a reputable sale barn while expanding their client base are some goals the new owners have set forth. With a deep understanding of the industry, these cattlemen are committed to assisting others by providing the best possible marketing outlet for their livestock.

See you on Tuesday!

Over 70 years of Tradition...

Kimball Livestock Exchange in the early days.



     Wade & Christina Christensen, along with Chad Heezen were excited to begin their new venture in 2017, serving cattlemen throughout the area. With deep roots in ranching and the livestock auction industry, this trio knows the cattle business and will use that expertise to continue to operate a successful and reputable auction barn.

     "We've been in the livestock business for generations," Chad Heezen said. His grandfather, John Heezen actually worked at Kimball Livestock in the 50’s and 60’s for Fred Olson, the owner at that time. A rancher himself, with experience at many different sale venues including Sioux Falls, Miller, Highmore, and Ft. Pierre, Heezen has aspired to one day owning a sale barn.  This is an opportunity that he is eager to embark on.

     Wade and Christina (Yost) Christensen share a passion for ranching and cattle.  Wade, who grew up on a ranch also has sale barn experience working in Wessington Springs and his father worked at Kimball Livestock when Darold Mentzer was the owner.  Their family operates a cow/calf operation in central South Dakota and lives on the Christensen home place. Christina was raised on a ranch and being an “outside” girl, she started at a young age helping with the cattle and haying.  She worked sorting cattle at Kimball Livestock until her focus shifted to raising their family and working on their ranch.


     Kimball Livestock Exchange, located along I-90 in south central South Dakota is now under new ownership. The sale barn itself has a long history in the livestock auction industry and its new owners bring a lifetime of experience ranching and marketing cattle to the table.

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